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From the Principal


Thank you to the MANY parents who were able to attend our first SAC meeting of the year on Friday, September 4th. The room was filled with party hats, gift boxes and much merriment as we celebrated Challenge Charter School’s 20th birthday!  Of course, it’s not a birthday party without an embarrassing photo, so we all squished together and donned our hats to join the ranks of those who have gone before us and made history in a panoramic photo! We also enjoyed a short trip down memory lane with embarrassing photos from years gone by. We will continue to celebrate and enjoy these memeories all year so don't miss upcoming SAC meetings. 

 CCS Parent Celebrate 20 years!

 The next SAC meeting is Friday, October 2nd at 8:45 AM in the cafeteria!


Read on for a full summary of the September SAC meeting...


THANK YOU to our parents for your fundraising efforts last year which led to the school’s ability to purchase a much needed new mathematics curriculum, enVisionmath 2.0. An interactive lesson was given by Mrs. Grubb, KG Grade Coordinator. She took us back in time to kindergarten where our teachers first introduce mathematical vocabulary, teach critical thinking and use real life application before our kindergartners are even aware of these learning strategies. Parents in attendance imagined themselves to be brand new five and six year olds decoding which jar held fewer lightening bugs as we followed along in an exercise book, called I Am Anna. Mrs. Grubb and I also discussed in detail why the school chose enVisionmath2.0 after much research, a pilot last year, and input from students, parents, and the whole teaching team.


The new curriculum is challenging and teaches multiple strategies to problem solve. It incorporates pictures, manipulatives, and technology and is interactive with science as well as requiring our students to explain their problem solving strategies in writing. CCS staff is still studying the explosion of technological tools now available and will continue to update our parent body. And as always, our mathematics program will continue to provide daily number sense challenges, calendar time and Mad Dog Math fact skill practice. These skills help prepare our students to be competitive and prepared in a global economy.


In order to shake off that grueling kindergarten mathematics lesson, we all enjoyed a “Brain Break.” These are often used in the classroom and designed to engage or awaken different parts of the brain through stretching and movement, while also furnishing a break from intense study and allowing a moment to shake those wiggles out! The CCS team has received a lot of training in intentional use of movement and how movement impacts memory. We believe that children need to move far more often than schools usually allow and so we provide much more moevment in our classrooms. DON’T MISS THE OCTOBER 2nd SAC MEETING when we will share even more information about our kinesthetic classrooms and how we incorporate movement for meaning. It also makes learning really fun as our parents found out when they followed “Maximo” (a fun digital coach) through a stretching exercise.


We wrapped up our meeting with an overview of important events to mark down on your CCS calendars! Please accept our sincere gratitude for all your participation. Magic School Bus Night is quickly approaching on Friday, September 25th from 6-8 pm. This is a hands -on science night for the whole family! Families who park in the west parking lot (behind the school) can begin their journey with a real, live school bus ride! Don’t forget to visit every building!


Again, thank you to all of our amazing parents for your enthusiasm, hard work and continued support of our school! Here at Challenge Charter School, we know that parents are foundational to their children’s education. Our partnership is crucial to your kids’ success and we thank you for being a part of our CCS family!


Thank you to Shea Duryea, CCS parent, for your contributions to this meeting update!


Upcoming Events 

Monday, January 25th:

Turn off the TV Campaign Kick Off

Friday, February 5th:

First Friday Dance Party with Principal Miller 8:10AM-8:25AM

SAC Meeting 8:45AM

Wednesday, February 10th:

Student of the Month Assemblies

Monday, February 15th:

Holiday: NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, February 16th:

Student of the Month Lunch 11:30AM

Friday, February 19th:

Family Game Night 6PM-8PM

Lifetime Achievement Award Video

 Returning CCS families:


Be sure to turn in your 2016-2017 Re-enrollment packet NO LATER than Monday, February 22nd, 2016! 


We appreciate being your school of choice and gaurentee a seat for all current students and their siblings, as long as the enrollment process is complete for these students by the end of business February 22nd, 2016.


If you have an incoming sibling to a returning student, please ensure you have completed a current pre-registration form in the office so that a packet can be sent home to complete and returned by February 22nd, 2016. 

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