Enrollment Policy & Procedures

You can now complete the pre-registration/pre-enrollment form online, or you can complete the form for Challenge Charter School by following these steps:

1. Print out the form (Pre-Registration Form)

2. Fill the form out completely.

3. Scan the form and email to preregistration@challengecharterschool.net


Fax the completed form to 602-938-5393, attention Principal Wendy Miller


Mail the form to:

Challenge Charter School
Attn: Principal Miller
5801 W. Greenbriar
Glendale, AZ 85308

Please feel free to call with any questions: 602-938-5411

 Due to the high level of interest in Challenge Charter School, we are not able to offer one-on-one tours.

However, in-depth, small group information sessions and tours are offered for several months during enrollment. Check back for dates upcoming.  

Please RSVP for your desired date and time by email or phone once a schedule is posted. 


Challenge Charter School Enrollment Policy and Procedures:

Challenge Charter School is an open enrollment school that follows all State & Federal open enrollment laws and guidelines.

Challenge Charter School is an equal opportunity school.  

 Challenge Charter School and Challenge School, Inc. prohibits discrimination against any potential student, and provides equal opportunity in the open enrollment process without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or genetic information.  This policy applies to all phases of the enrollment process.

Enrollment priority is extended to returning CCS students and their siblings up until a stated date.

Next, 80% of the remaining open seats in any grade are offered to students on a first-come, first-serve opportunity based on the date of their pre-registration.  The remaining 20% open seats for students are determined by a random lottery. This procedure is dependent on a waiting list that exceeds the seats available.

Challenge Charter School may not accept children that are on a current suspension, pending expulsion, or have been expelled from another school. (A.R.S. 15-184)

Once a seat is offered at Challenge Charter School for your student based on these procedures, all incoming students must participate in a new student assessment to determine grade readiness. Several days and times are available. If a student does not attend one of these grade placement sessions, we are unable to place them in an appropriate grade and they forfeit their seat to the next child waiting for the seat.

If available, other records can be provided and it is at the discretion of CCS Administration if these documents and materials are comparable and can determine grade placement in the absence of assessment.

If a student does not place for the grade they have received a seat in due to open enrollment procedures, and the grade they do place for is currently full, they will be placed on the waiting list for the grade they have placed for.






CCS is a unique, supportive, and safe learning community where kids come first in all decision making, accountability is embedded in all processes, and academic rigor and citizenship are pillar expectations & motivators for all: staff and students.

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