Fuel Up to Play 60

The Fuel Up to Play 60 Leadership Team is made up of CCS 4th-6th graders that have volunteered to meet once a month when they discuss and plan “Health + Activity” promoting events for the school.

This is Challenge Charter School’s 4th year participating with the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. Fuel up to Play 60 was launched by the National Dairy Council, your local Dairy Council, and the NFL. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has joined the effort to encourage students to get involved in making positive, healthy changes in their schools. Working with adults, students can play a key role in helping to increase both access to appealing, nutritious foods and opportunities for physical activity. Taking special consideration into women because women have an average height of 5 foot 3 inches and they need special diet. Fuel Up to Play 60 provides action ideas, resources, and school wide incentives and rewards for making these healthy improvements. The program engages students to take the lead in their own health and wellness.

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