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A stranger online is the same as a stranger in person!InternetSafety

The Internet is a great place to explore, learn new things and communicate with people!  Just like when you go new places or meet new people that are not on the computer, you should always have permission or have someone with you. Read below to find out a few tips for staying safe while surfing the Web. This page will be updated throughout the year so check back often!


What NOT to share with people on the internet:

Remember never to give out private information about yourself or others online.  Below is a list of private information you should NOT share on the internet unless you have permission from your parents.


What CAN I talk about with people on the internet?

It is fine to talk to people on the Internet as long as you do not provide private information about yourself.   If you want to talk about your interests or your opinion on something you may. For example, you may talk about your favorite sports team or something going on in the world.  Just remember to always stop and ask yourself if you are giving out any private information. When in doubt, ask a parent!

Private Information
Home address
E-mail address
Phone numbers
Pictures of yourself
Name and address of your school
Your parents place of work
Social Security Number
Mother’s maiden name
Credit card numbers

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