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Board of Directors

Welcome to the Challenge Charter School Board of Directors Page. Please check here for Board postings, updates and other information.

Challenge School, Inc. is a fiscally responsible entity and its Board members hold the trust and responsibility provided to them through this leadership with the highest regard. The Board’s priority is to always put kids first with continued innovation, education excellence, and sustainability.

CCS has maintained the highest level of transparency possible wherein keeping the Challenge School Inc. Corporate Board as the Governing Body of Challenge Charter School and have not entered into any third party management/CMO relationships ensuring that all funds go into our campus and classrooms instead.

Challenge has an in-depth audit performed by an independent auditor and submitted to the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools, our sponsor, each year for review and action that is available to the public. The audit is extensive and reviews all fiscal and programmatic operations of the school.

You can view the Challenge fiscal performance ASBCS dashboard by clicking here. Please view below to find our budget.

Meetings normally held at Challenge Charter School Campus:
5801 W Greenbriar Dr., Glendale, Arizona 85308
Current Meeting Location:
Challenge School Inc. to meet virtually using Zoom due to the COVID-19 safety

*Please call 602-938-5411 or email for instructions to join the
meeting virtually.

Challenge School Inc. Board Meeting Notices & Agendas:

September 28th, 2023: Notice & Agenda

August 31st, 2023: Notice & Agenda

August 1st, 2023: Courtesy Notice of Participation 

July 10th, 2023: Notice & Agenda

June 27th, 2023: Notice & Agenda

May 11th, 2023: Notice & Agenda

April 27th, 2023: Notice & Agenda

March 30th, 2023: Notice & Agenda

February 23rd, 2023: Notice & Agenda

January 26th, 2023: Notice & Agenda

November 29th, 2022: Notice & Agenda

October 26th, 2022: Notice & Agenda

September 29th, 2022: Notice & Agenda

August 23rd, 2022: Notice & Agenda

July 12th, 2022: Notice & Agenda

June 30th,  2022: Notice & Agenda

April 28th, 2022: Notice & Agenda

March 24th, 2022: Notice & Agenda

February 22nd, 2022:  Notice & Agenda

January 20th, 2022: Notice & Agenda

November 30th, 2021: Notice & Agenda

October 21st, 2021: Notice & Agenda

September 29th, 2021: Notice & Agenda

August 24th, 2021: Notice & Agenda

June 25th, 2021: Notice & Agenda

June 4th, 2021: Notice & Agenda

April 27th, 2021: Notice & Agenda

March 25th, 2021: Notice & Agenda

February 23rd, 2021Notice & Agenda

January 26th, 2021Notice & Agenda

November 19th, 2020: Notice & Agenda

October 27th, 2020:Notice & Agenda

September 22nd, 2020Notice & Agenda

August 10th, 2020: Notice & Agenda

July 14th, 2020: Notice & Agenda

June 25th, 2020Notice & Agenda

May 19th, 2020Notice & Agenda

April 22nd, 2020Notice Agenda

March 25th, 2020Notice &Agenda

February 26th, 2020Notice & Agenda

January 22nd, 2020Notice

December 18th, 2019Notice & Agenda

November 20, 2019Notice & Agenda

October 23, 2019: Notice & Agenda

September 18, 2019Notice & Agenda

August 21, 2019Notice Agenda

July 11th, 2019: Notice Agenda

June 26th, 2019Notice Agenda

June 5th, 2019Notice & Agenda

April 24th, 2019Notice & Agenda

March 27th, 2019Notice & Agenda

February 20th, 2019Notice & Agenda

January 16th, 2019Notice & Agenda

November 7th, 2018Notice & Agenda

October 3rd, 2018: Notice Agenda

July 13th, 2018Notice Agenda

June 28th, 2018: Notice Agenda

June 5th, 2018: Notice Agenda

April 24th, 2018:Notice Agenda

March 27th, 2018: Notice & Agenda

February 27th, 2018Notice & Agenda

January 16, 2018: Notice & Agenda

November 30, 2017Notice & Agenda

October 30, 2017: Notice & Agenda

September 26, 2017: Notice & Agenda

August 29, 2017: Notice & Agenda

June 27, 2017: Notice & Agenda

May 31, 2017: Notice & Tentative

April 25, 2017: Notice & Agenda

March 28, 2017: Notice & Agenda

February 21, 2017: Notice & Agenda

January 10, 2017: Notice Agenda

November 29, 2016: Notice & Agenda

October 24, 2016: Notice & Agenda

September 27, 2016: Notice & Agenda

August 30, 2016: Notice & Agenda

June 28, 2016Notice Agenda

May 27, 2016Notice Agenda

April 27, 2016: Notice Agenda

March 23, 2016: Notice & Agenda

February 24, 2016: Notice Agenda

February 9, 2016: Notice Agenda

January 13, 2016: Notice Agenda

November 20th, 2015: Notice & Agenda

October 28th, 2015Notice & Agenda

September 23rd, 2015Notice & Agenda

August 26th, 2015Notice Agenda

June 30th, 2015: Notice Agenda

June 4th, 2015: Notice & Agenda

May 21st, 2015: Notice & Agenda

April 23rd, 2015: Notice & Agenda

March 26th, 2015: Notice & Agenda

February 26th, 2015: Notice & Agenda

January 29th, 2015: Notice & Agenda

December 18th, 2014: Notice & Agenda

November 19th, 2014: NoticeAgenda

October 23rd, 2014: Notice & Agenda

September 24th, 2014Notice  & Agenda

August – No Meeting

July 22nd, 2014Notice & Agenda

June 26th, 2014Notice & Agenda


ADE Finance Notices and Reports:

FY24 Budget Adoption Meeting

FY24 Proposed Budget

FY24 Adopted Budget

Annual Financial Report


See below for more information about Board Members.

The Challenge Charter School Corporate Board is comprised of:

Pam Miller – President

Scot Schlund – Vice President

Scot is a Managing Senior Principal at international engineering company, AZ Operations

Wendy Miller – Secretary

Michael Kuczala – Member

Mike is a bestselling author, acclaimed keynote speaker and innovative professional developer in both education and corporate settings.

Tammy Neitch- Member

Thank you for your service current and prior Board members to include:

Greg Miller – Founding member and former AZ State Board of Education President

Jeanne Allen – Founder and CEO of the Center for Education Reform, is considered one of the nation’s most accomplished and relentless advocates for education.