Character Education & Recognition


Challenge Charter School has been using the Core Virtues© as our character education program since its inception in 2003.  This program is a practical, non-sectarian approach to character education for Kindergarten thru 6th grade.  This literature based program has as its goal the cultivation of character through the promotion of basic moral, civic, and intellectual virtues.  It emphasizes such “core virtues” as: respect, responsibility, diligence, honesty, generosity, perseverance, courage, faithfulness, compassion, openness to inquiry, and humility in the face of facts.  It seeks to help children fall in love with the good and cultivate a vocabulary of virtue.  This program was developed looking for the common ground and shunning controversial social or political agendas.  As with the Core Knowledge Sequence© itself, this program seeks to put something solid, sequenced, and specific into the hands of American teacher’s.

Core Virtues©  is integrated in grade and age appropriate ways across the curriculum daily. We encourage you to visit to review detailed information about the Core Virtues program as well as to find other helpful resources to use at home.

Challenge Charter School also uses many formal and informal positive recognition awards and programs that provide our students many opportunities to celebrate good choices, outstanding academic and social performance on campus, and their citizenship and kindness.

CCS is a unique, supportive, and safe learning community where kids come first in all decision making, accountability is embedded in all processes, and academic rigor and citizenship are pillar expectations & motivators for all: staff and students.

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