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Civic Engagement


Challenge Charter School (CCS) is committed to providing engaging and hands on instruction in Government, History, Law & Democracy integrated across subject areas in a way that students can relate to their own lives and perspective. As Arizona’s first official Core Knowledge® School, CCS provides an “engaging, challenging, and content-rich” curriculum at the appropriate developmental levels, and integrated across disciplines for a foundation that “promotes academic excellence for all learners, while remaining flexible enough” to meet individual needs. 

Civic Engagement is a part of the daily campus culture at CCS across all grade levels and also various specific instruction occurs frequently. The CCS Eagles also get involved in our larger community supporting veterans, police, fire, homeless, hungry and much more! 

During morning announcements all students recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble. Students role play daily how to be good citizens in their classroom and how to problem solve. Campus culture rewards acts of citizenship and displays of the correlated Core Virtues®.”

CCS students community project
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CCS Principal Wendy Miller addressed council during their regular meeting.