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The sole purpose of the Challenge Charter School bus system is for the safe transportation of its students to and from school. Challenge Charter School is proudly one of a very small percentage of charter schools in the entire United States that offer a bus service. Our buses cover hundreds of miles daily transporting students to and from school, field trips, and other special events. The bus service is a privilege, and should be treated as such.

We have only a few rules that apply to our bus routes. They are however very important to the safety of all those who ride the bus. They are also very important to the motorists and pedestrians who are in close proximity to the bus on its daily route. Please take time to discuss these rules with your children and review them occasionally as well.

PLEASE: also be sure your student knows their bus route and stop number! This is critical if a substitute bus driver must fill in, etc…


  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your pick-up time in the morning.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to your student(s) afternoon stop and wait at the bus stop for at least ten minutes past your student’s scheduled drop-off time before calling the school to check on the bus.
    • In order to keep on schedule and keep our kids safe, the bus will not wait for you if you are late.
  • If your child usually rides the bus and you wish to pick them up one day instead:
    • Please come prior to dismissal, park, and pick them up from their bus line near the cafeteria.
    • For your child’s safety: afternoon bus riders must ride the bus each day of the week or be picked up by a parent from the bus line near the cafeteria. They cannot be moved to a gate for pick up.
  • If a parent/guardian is not at the designated stop and they have not signed off for their student to be left without them, the student will be transported back to CCS. NOTE: Any student returned to the school will be charged $20 each and everyday that they are returned to campus by the bus driver. This fee is due that day, upon pick-up, by the parent.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your children, and we thank you for your assistance in assuring that your children continue to have a safe system of transportation.

  1. Students will not be assigned to a bus, or a bus seat, until their Transportation Request Form has been submitted and approved. We realize that you may experience an unexpected need to change your child’s regular bus arrangement. CHANGES WILL NOT BE ACCOMMODATED UNLESS REQUESTS ARE RECEIVED ON THE PROPER FORM WITH AN ORIGINAL PARENT OR GUARDIAN SIGNATURE, 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE REQUESTED CHANGE. If your student(s) is a bus rider and you would like to pick them up instead, please arrive at the school by 3:30 pm, and you may retrieve them from the bus lines in the cafeteria before they board the bus.
  2. Students will remain in their assigned seats at all times. Assigned seats assist in a variety of ways, including identifying who is and who is not on the bus at all times.
  3. Students will keep all body parts inside the bus. No heads, hands, etc. sticking out of the windows.
  4. Students will talk quietly to those around them. Noise should not interfere with the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle.
  5. Verbal or physical abuse of other students or the bus driver on the bus will not be tolerated.
  6. Students will respond to instructions given to them by the bus driver, and act according to the instructions they receive.
  7. Students that do not ride the bus WILL NOT be allowed to ride for one day (to go home with a friend), AND students WILL NOT be allowed to switch buses to ride home with a friend.
  8. Be on time at your designated bus stop. Arrive ten minutes prior to your pick-up time in the morning. Due to the huge service area that our buses cover, drivers are instructed not to wait past the scheduled pickup time. This policy will keep the buses on schedule, assuring students arrive at school and report to their classrooms on time. Buses leave school at approximately 3:40 PM at the end of the school day. All students must be on their bus by this time. Please arrive 10 minutes early to your student(s) afternoon stop and wait at the bus stop for at least ten minutes past your student’s scheduled drop-off time before calling the school to check on the bus. Often traffic is slower in the afternoons. Being on time also assists with safety. By always being on time you will help decrease the amount of time the buses spend parked on busy valley streets.
  9. Parent/Guardian or other designated adult must meet the bus both in the morning and afternoon. If a parent/guardian or other designated adult repeatedly fails to meet the bus at their assigned time, their student will lose bus privileges.
  10. Conduct referrals will be written for students who choose to ignore instructions or any of the above listed rules and repeated offenses will result in a student’s complete loss of bus privilege. Any student guilty of fighting or other physical abuse is subject to at least a three (3) day suspension from the bus. Any student who repeatedly chooses to ignore or break any of the other rules is subject to no less than a three (3) day suspension. (This includes students whose parents/guardians are repeatedly late in meeting the bus at the assigned bus stop times!)
  11. If a bus is unable to run its route due to mechanical problems, etc. Challenge Charter School will do its best to notify parents/guardians as quickly as possible. When a bus is unable to run its route it is the parents/guardians responsibility to provide transportation to and from school for their student(s).
  12. Our bus service is a privilege and is subject to any change required by the school.