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Home-School Partnership

Parent Involvement is the most important part of your child’s success!

Challenge Charter School provides unlimited ways for you to be involved! Opportunities happen at all times of day and all times of the year so that everyone can find at least one that works for them to participate in!
Read more about them here: Parental Involvement opportunities

Also, PLEASE remember and commit to these important partnership needs at home for your child’s maximum success at school:

  1. Set aside a separate and consistent place for your child to do their homework: a desk, table, etc. Where they can leave their homework supplies and not be easily distracted.
  2. Check your child’s folder each day and respond to notes from school. Read weekly grade level newsletter and check school webpage for dates and reminders.
  3. Schedule appointments and vacations during school holidays and breaks; not during school days. Attendance is one of the most important ingredients for school success! Due to the hands-on nature of the exciting CCS curriculum, it is difficult to “make up” this work and the sequencing of the curriculum build upon itself so missing topics can really stress your child.
  4. Be on time to school each day. That means five minutes early, when the first warning bell rings.
  5. Make sure your child is well nurtured and ready for the day of learning with a good night’s sleep and breakfast.
  6. Do not send ill children to school.
  7. Build an open and professional relationship with your child’s Teacher and be a good classroom partner.
  8. Read and adhere to all school policies for the safety of our students including the Environmental Policy – do not wear scented products when you come to the office or to volunteer.
  9. Read and enforce the Uniform Policy with your child (right down to the laces and the socks.)
  10. Be a safe and courteous driver at ALL TIMES on campus. Do not stop in driveways, fire lanes, curbs, bus loading and unloading, or reserved parking.