First Grade

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At Challenge Charter School our first graders get an in-depth, content based learning experience through hands on activities in reading and math, technology, science experiments, music, and field trips based on the rich Core Knowledge curric
ulum. Daily hands-on math activities will be introduced such as addition, subtraction, place value, time, money, fractions, measurement and geometry.  Students are also exposed to a variety of literary works such as, folk tales, poems, fables and readers theaters. These engaging stories connect to our core virtue curriculum and often teach real life lessons that make for rich classroom discussions. We compare similar stories from different parts of the world and teach the children the importance of the great literary authors. Our science and social studies curriculum covers important historical events and people. Scientists that have shaped our history, such as Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur are introduced. Students learn about the human body and its various systems as well as habitats, the solar system and electricity. In social studies, the children go back in time to study the contributions of ancient civilizations such as the Maya, Inca, and Aztecs. The students also expand their knowledge about our founding fathers and the historical events such as the Declaration of Independence. In first grade, we work hard to create a classroom environment that encompasses responsibility, respect and the other core virtues in our curriculum.



CCS is a unique, supportive, and safe learning community where kids come first in all decision making, accountability is embedded in all processes, and academic rigor and citizenship are pillar expectations & motivators for all: staff and students.

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