The Kindergarten Core Knowledge® sequence is “engaging, challenging, and content-rich” at the appropriate developmental level, and integrated across disciplines for a foundation that “promotes academic excellence for all learners, while remaining flexible enough” to meet individual needs.

We have aligned the Core Knowledge® sequence to ensure mastery of all state standards and reaches far beyond them to create an even larger base of knowledge.Student of the Month Assembly 005

At CCS, content is aligned across subjects creating thematic units that allow children to make connections that make the learning relevant and fun. The arts are integrated, as is the Core Virtues® character education program.

A Core Knowledge® classroom is inherently advanced due to the content and cross-curricular connections. It also provides many opportunities to go a “mile deep” and make deeper connections for children who benefit from an additional challenge. Differentiation is frequent at CCS for all levels of learners and small groups and intervention are incorporated for students needing additional time on task to master a subject, as well as those needing an extension to stay challenged. The name “Challenge” comes from the philosophy that each child should be challenged at their level daily at school.

CCS partners with families to help our Kindergartners reach high expectations in math, reading, writing, and handwriting fundamentals.  In Social Studies, kids begin to understand where they are in the larger world and what it means to be a good citizen and then moving onto lessons on Geography and the early explorations of Columbus and the Pilgrims. The Core Knowledge curriculum is the ultimate foundation for teaching patriotism and pride to Americans. We teach our students about our presidents and the significance of important American symbols. Kindergarteners also become familiar with at least one Native American tribe or nation.

In Science students learn the five senses and body parts as well as how to take good care of themselves. We introduce the students to weather, magnetism, animals and their needs and plants. One of the most exciting science observations is our study of small system changes in an ant or worm farm.

CCS Kindergartners have a garden and help make vegetables with the whole school!

CCS is a unique, supportive, and safe learning community where kids come first in all decision making, accountability is embedded in all processes, and academic rigor and citizenship are pillar expectations & motivators for all: staff and students.

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