Third Grade


Third grade is going to have a fun and amazing year! Third graders will be challenged to demonstrate many new skills and explore fascinating new topics. Students will travel back in time to learn about the ancient empire of Rome. Third graders will participate in a Roman day complete with a Roman feast and the annual 3rd Grade Chariot Races. Students will also create Viking memorabilia for the Viking Walk and switch classes for our Colonial unit. Students will write a research report on their favorite animal during our study of the Classification of Animals. They will also enjoy learning about optical illusions (Vision/Optics unit), sound waves (Sound/Hearing unit), and black holes (Astronomy unit.)

Third graders will be strengthening their problem solving skills and using mental math to help them solve challenging math problems. Students will use hands on games, interactive learning, and technology to practice these skills. Multiplication, division, fractions, area, and perimeter are major topics that will be covered. Creating a strong number sense will enable the students to excel in math! In reading, third graders will be transitioning to more challenging chapter books. Writing responses, character analysis, and in depth discussions will help students explore exciting new books.

Third graders will also enjoy desks and the responsibility of keeping them clean! Third grade is an exciting and wonderful year full of new experiences and learning! See you in third grade!

Sample Third Grade Topics
Ancient Rome Skeletal System Vision and Optics
Vikings Sound and Hearing 13 Colonies
Vikings Multiplication Earliest Americans
Elapsed Time Astronomy Fractions

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