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Challenge Charter School is always seeking exceptional educators and staff members committed to putting kids first that want to be part of a team that always puts kids first and supports a safe campus and classrooms with lots of resources!

If you are an excellent educator and want to be considered for any opening in this PLC,  please submit your resume to or for consideration.

Family Founded – Family Values

The school’s Core Knowledge® curriculum is “engaging, challenging, and content-rich” at the appropriate developmental level, and integrated across disciplines for a foundation that “promotes academic excellence for all learners, while remaining flexible enough” to meet individual needs. Hands on and project learning is a must to engage all types of learners.

The CCS Team is passionate about kids’ first decision making in education and also in fostering and embracing a love for the life-long learning process for everyone. There is frequent and transparent communication throughout the tolerant, strengths-based CCS culture.

At the heart of the CCS mission is academic accountability. A school must be a family, a true community of parents, educators, community members, and stakeholders, all working together. Such a community cannot be built without trust. Trust in a school community is built through consistency, commitment, communication, and accountability/results. You may be a perfect for the Challenge Charter School family!

Challenge is seeking team members committed to:

  • Excellence in education.
  • Developing and implementing hands-on, engaging, content-rich, differentiated lesson plans.
  • Meeting individual student needs.
  • Effective parent communication and partnerships.
  • Fostering a life-long love of learning.
  • Professional Development.
  • Tolerance & Teamwork.
  • Data driven instruction with fluidity for student needs.
  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Curricular development, implementation, oversight and alignment for the Core Knowledge sequence and the AZ College and Career Readiness Standards
  • Benchmark assessments and record keeping
  • Strong communication skills both written and oral
  • School event and activity planning & attendance
  • Determining & securing resource needs
  • School policy enforcement
  • Community outreach
  •  Interfaces, communicates, and integrates with all members of school community in promotion of a supportive, strengths-based team approach that puts kids first.

CCS offers Competitive Pay & Excellent Benefits including continuing education reimbursement programs.

Qualifications for Teachers: Area Competency Required (NCLB-HQ-ESEA), State Certification (any state), BA / MA

Qualification for Teaching Assistants: Min. AA in Elem. Ed. or BA in non-Ed. area and enrolled in MA of Ed. Program, Para-Professional certificate.

Qualifications for other School Personnel: Dependent on department and specialized skills needed.

Qualifications for Art Teachers: Passionate about the arts on education, Believes that ART IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER and therefore fosters an appreciation of art for each student and confidence through self expression rather than dictation of curriculum,  Knowledge of the Masters, Willingness to integrate content with teachers of all subjects, and Area Competency Required (NCLB-HQ-ESEA), State Certification (any state), BA/MA

 Core Knowledge curriculum experience a plus for all positions!

If you are an excellent educator and want to be considered for any opening in this PLC,  please submit your resume to for consideration.

See our Employment Process here

All positions require a Class One Arizona fingerprint clearance card

Challenge Charter School and Challenge School, Inc. do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to all groups and programs.